All-Natural Gluten-Free Products

There is no reason to sacrifice quality food and great taste when you come to Metropolitan Gourmet. We offer all-natural gluten free breadcrumbs and a range of other gluten free foods to help people eat healthier and smarter. If you suffer from Celiac disease, allergies, or are gluten intolerant, you will be thrilled with the fresh, all-natural gluten free food selections that we carry. Our gluten free bread crumbs are packed full of flavor and are affordable to purchase, unlike many other health foods that are currently on the market.


Our products are perfect for any recipe and occasion. Whether you are preparing a delicious snack or cooking the main entrée, we have the chemical-free ingredients you need. We also offer our products to those who are in the food business. Gluten free ingredients mean safe and healthy food for your customers. Let the world know that you’re using Metropolitan Gourmet products for your recipes!

With health problems caused by harmful chemicals becoming more prevalent, it pays to be a bit more meticulous when it comes to the food you eat or the ingredients you use. Start shopping now. Browse through our site to learn about our products and contact us for your inquiries.

Perfect for Any Recipe

Perfect for Any Recipe

Our gluten free breadcrumbs, gluten free pizza dough, and other gluten free products taste so good, that the whole family will enjoy them and will actually prefer them over regular brands. They can be used in any recipe that calls for regular breadcrumbs, and we promise you will love the great taste! Whether you are making Italian recipes, meatloaf, or any other type of food, our breadcrumbs are perfect no matter what type of food you are making.
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Need to buy in bulk?

We offer a 20lb bag in a box as well as a 50lb bag, which are sized for wholesale use. These are perfect for the food service and industrial markets.

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