4 Simple Ways to Make Gluten Free Eating Easier

Gluten free living is highly rewarding, and can help you achieve the happy, healthy life you’ve always wanted. However, eating gluten free is also challenging, especially in today’s world of processed and convenience foods. If you’re transitioning into the gluten free lifestyle, or are simply wanting some easier ways to get gluten out of your diet, here are x simple things you can do to make adopting a gluten free lifestyle even easier.

gluten free breakfast

1. Eat Naturally Gluten Free Foods

Many people feel like they’re looking at a huge list of “do not eat” foods when they first start adopting a gluten free lifestyle. However, there are actually tons of foods out there that are already naturally gluten free. Fruits, vegetables, and meats do not have gluten and can be eaten as much as you like. A cold cut plate with deli meat, cheeses, and fruits makes an excellent gluten free lunch, while a chicken and vegetable soup can make a hearty dinner. Focus on eating what you can instead of what you can’t.

2. Cook at Home

Restaurants rarely label what dishes have gluten in them and which don’t. While it’s obvious that you should avoid pastas and breads at restaurants, many dishes have hidden gluten in them. The easiest way to avoid accidentally ingesting gluten is to stop going to restaurants all together, and start cooking at home. By cooking at home, you can control what you eat, and can make dozens of satisfying meals that don’t result in bloating, gas, headaches, and abdominal pain.

3. Purchase Products That Are Labeled “Gluten Free”

With as much as 15% of the population showing signs of gluten sensitivity, more and more foods are being formulated for individuals who are living a gluten free lifestyle. Breadcrumbs, pizza crusts, pretzels, biscotti, and other foods you used to love are all available in a gluten free version. When you purchase products that are specifically labeled “gluten free,” you don’t have to search the hard-to-name ingredients on the back of the box to see if the products you’re buying contain gluten. Gluten free items can also allow you to enjoy many of the foods you love without consequence.

4. Get Involved in a Gluten Free Community

Gluten free eating can be challenging at times, especially at first. Getting the support of other individuals and families who practice gluten free living is critical to your success. By getting to know others who have also adopted a gluten free lifestyle, you can share your challenges and obstacles, swap recipes, and share your own knowledge about gluten free living. Get involved in a gluten free community in your area or online today!

Although there are still some obstacles to getting rid of gluten in your diet entirely, these simple tips can help you make adopting a gluten free lifestyle as easy as possible. Eliminating gluten from your diet can be extremely rewarding, and can help you significantly reduce uncomfortable symptoms. Try gluten free eating today and start living a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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