About Us

With Gluten Free foods flooding the market, we struggled to find a breadcrumb product that is gourmet and clean. Our mission is to provide our customers an all-natural artisanal breadcrumb with the simplest ingredients. We bake our own gluten free bread, made fresh every day in our allergen free facility in Parsippany New Jersey.

Metropolitan Gourmet Gluten Free Bread Crumbs are made with just five non-GMO ingredients, including brown/white rice flour, sugar, salt, and corn free baking powder for a delightful flavor. We are always free of corn, dairy, sesame seeds, tree nuts, soy, potato, wheat, gluten, yeast, and are lab tested and certified kosher.

Everyone in the family can enjoy food made with Metropolitan Gourmet Breadcrumbs because they are made with no artificial anything.

Metropolitan Gourmet Breadcrumbs are perfect for frying chicken cutlets, veal cutlets, mom’s meatballs, fish fry, baked clams, tuna salad, cookies, vegetables or any recipe containing breadcrumbs.

They are custom formulated, baked, toasted and packaged in our state of the art Certified Allergy & Gluten Free Bakery by master bakers.