Kosher Certification

kosher-parveOver the past forty years, the demand for kosher-certified products has increased dramatically and kosher is currently one of the hottest food trends. Steady growth at an annual rate of 15% over the last decade has led to an exponential rise in the numbers of products now available to the kosher consumer.

Millions of people around the world limit their food consumption according to a wide array of criteria, including health, food safety, taste, and religious or other dietary reasons. Many of these people specifically seek out the kosher symbol as a trustworthy means of ensuring that these criteria are being addressed.

In the U.S., Lubicom reports that approximately 21% of Americans regularly or occasionally purchase kosher products specifically because they are kosher. That amounts to roughly 12 million American consumers, very few of whom are religious Jews. According to market studies, the appeal of kosher foods transcends the interest of any one specific ethnic group.

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Gone are the days when food was purchased indiscriminately, merely on the basis of taste or eye appeal. Consumers examine the ingredient panel of products, as well as the nutritional information prominently displayed on the label. They are extremely concerned about the food they eat, questioning manufacturing processes, as well as the choice of ingredients used. The kosher symbol, with the monitoring and care it represents, ensures the highest quality standards to the largest and most diverse consumer audience.